The term “Bangamela” literally means a confluence of Bengalis—an inviting, plural and interactive social space where people with cultural roots in West Bengal and Bangladesh converge to showcase, celebrate and savor Bengal’s rich artistic, cultural and literary heritage. From a humble beginning in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1999, Bangamela has become a household name and a must-attend annual event for the expatriate Bengali living in North America, regardless of his/ her origin across subcontinental borders. In the past 16 years, Bangamela has been held in different cities in the U.S. For a list of previous 16 Bangamela events, please click the following link:


Mid America Bengali Association was formed in 1998 in the Tri-state area (Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio) with an objective to further the rich cultural tradition and heritage of Bengali literature and performing arts amongst the Bengali diaspora living in North America. MABA is the umbrella organization responsible for coordinating with the member organizations to host Bangamela each year in different cities in the US. More at – .


DHROOPAD is an all-volunteer Bengali American cultural organization in the greater Washington DC Metro area formed in 2000 with an objective to promote the rich Bengali cultural heritage, and to foster arts and literature as a force that transcends social, cultural and religious barriers and instigate compassion for humanity. DHROOPAD is formally incorporated in the State of Virginia and is an IRS certified Tax Exempt (501 – C (3)) organization.

Since its inception, DHROOPAD presented numerous programs highly acclaimed by the audience for their originality and artistic values. DHROOPAD was the host organization for Bangamela 2012 attended by nearly 2000 people.

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